is a Action Role Playing Game with an emphasis on horror, combat and gameplay. The game is much slower paced than your typical ARPG, and features a souls-like combat system.

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Malus features a soft lock-on mechanic, while in combat. This allows players to maneuver around enemies effectively. You also have the ability to Block (if you have a shield equiped) and Dodge on command. Combat is slower and more tactical compared to other ARPGs
Players can click on enemies or press TAB to target them. Once targeted, the player's character will automatically turn face that enemy, as long he is in a certain range. This does no limit your ability to move, you are free to click and move anywhere you want in this stance, However, your movement speed is slower due to being in combat stance and the character is now facing the enemy.
Players are also able to block damage by pressing the block key aslong as a shield is equiped, any attacks from the facing direction will be blocked, however, in this blocking stance, movement speed is heavily hindered. Future developments will include an ability to parry.
However as of the current alpha build, parrying is not yet implemented.


In Malus, you save your game by resting at Campfires, similar to any "Dark Souls" titles.

If you've ever played any of those, you would know, there is a certain sense of thrill when exploring deep in a particular zone, that when you die, you have to start from a bonfire that is ways away, and lose all of the souls points you accumulated.

This is the type of gameplay we want to instill into Malus.


Most ARPGs these days are just bloated with special effects and damage numbers, and everything just looks little too insane.

Malus will not be similar to those type of ARPG in this particular aspect. It is a more slower paced game. The point here is to focus more on immersive gameplay. There will still be loot drops and build diversities but it will focus more on engaging combat and gameplay.

In Malus your character does not constantly hold his/her weapon out 24/7.

You have to sheathe your weapon when not in combat.

This is not just a gimmick.

Sheathing your weapons allows you to run faster and regenerate HP, at the cost of taking more damage from enemies.


In Malus, you are set in a post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, enviroment. The the world has been overrun by eternal darkness. It is writen in ancient texts that there was a great war between Demons and Angels many years ago, and the Angels had lost, none of them survived.
The Demonic Elders have taken over the world. Every corner of the land you will find evil lurking. Humanity is in the brink of extinction.
You play as either a Male or Female, you wake up in the middle of a forest, not knowing how you got there, you scower the land in search answers, slaying beasts and demons along the way, through dark forests and dungeons...


Malus will not feature any classes, however, it will have 4 different types of skill trees,

Melee, Ranged and Magical and Passive

It is up to the player to decide what weapons and skill he/or she decides to play with.

There are no restrictions as to what weapons you can use, however the weapon itself are limited to certain type of skills, (Bows would be obviously limited to ranged skills for example)

STRENGTH - Affects physical Damage
WISDOM -  Affects magical Damage
AGILITY - Affects Attack Speed and Movement Speed
FORTITUDE - Affects HEALTH and Physical Defense
CONCENTRATION - Affects MANA Magical Defense






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